Al Maha Agricultural Company is the pioneer in selling fragmentation in the agricultural and livestock fields in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. For the year 2012, the name of the company and its logo, we are working under the slogan: "All what you need under one roof"
Quality culture is embedded throughout the company. This culture begins with the strategic decision of the board of directors and senior management and extends to the company's operations in agriculture, manufacturing and distribution, which is part of the development of the professional skills of our employees. We also expect a lot from our suppliers and distributors, and we apply strict quality control standards.

Our Activities

The company's headquarters are located in Al-Ardiyah Industrial Area, Kuwait. Our company provides major services in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. The company is represented in a commercial sector to sell all agricultural, animal, building materials and household needs. It also provides services in agricultural contracting as well as steel industries that support the agricultural sector. We are currently expanding in Jordan by investing in the same activities to expand the company's sales chain.

An overview of the company's strategy

Al Maha Agricultural Company is one of the largest agricultural companies in the State of Kuwait and seeks to provide all the needs of the farm by providing high quality goods and international brands serving the consumer. Through its constant focus on meeting the highest standards of quality, Al Maha AG has become the preferred choice for consumers to deliver distinctive products that meet their needs. Al Maha maintains its leadership in the market in its various product categories for its interest in hearing consumers' opinions and commitment to providing quality products and services.

Consumer first

Consumer Al Maha has focused its efforts on continuous improvement and diversification of its products in the various categories it offers. This is achieved through the adoption of strict management standards, which ensures that our products are selected to the highest standards to meet their specific needs. Accurate measurement of customer expectations is one of the key elements of our business development strategy.

Growth and expansion

Al Maha Agricultural Company is committed to achieving continuous growth in its various product categories and expanding to cover the entire region. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has continued to achieve growth in sales in all major product categories, including the establishment of a chain of retail stores in all areas of Kuwait, close to the specialized consumer, whether farms or breeders. The expansion of the geographical spread has contributed to the reduction of the company's dependence on the Kuwaiti market sales only, while the diversification of the products contributed to reducing dependence on the agricultural sector only. The gains from innovation and efficiency will result in a stronger cash flow and improved working capital management to support capital expenditures for future growth.

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